Snow Days

I love snow! I grew up in Western Pennsylvania with very snowy winters. I have lived in Tennessee for 23 years now and I miss snow. We get a "big" snow every couple years and we love it. This year was Amazing! It snowed continuously all day on Monday, January 22. We had temps all week that were in the negatives overnight with highs in the teens, a very rare occasion here. We were "snowed in" for 5+ days. We drove the pups to a huge fenced in area to run and play in the snow a few days. We had so many fun days playing in the snow, watching movies, baking (Marlie did), drinking hot chocolate, sleeping in, and staying up late! The girls 3 day holiday weekend turned into a 10 day weekend and we weren't mad about it. There's nothing more fun then taking pictures in the snow! I have so many favorites.